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Shoe Care

A pair of clean and well maintained shoes says a lot about you, which can give you the fresh start you want. We would like to share a series of recommendations so you can store and keep your footwear in optimal condition. Don’t forget to follow our blog at this link in order to obtain more tips for maintaining your shoes.



Your shoes should be stored in places with good ventilation. There should always be enough space between them and, if possible, use wooden shoe trees for each one. This will contribute to the leather drying faster and keeping its original appearance.

Do not leave your shoes stored in boxes for a long period of time. Extended storage may deteriorate certain materials in places that are humid and dark.


In order for your leather shoes to remain in optimal condition a weather protector is recommended prior to wearing.  This will protect the leather shoes from the environmental effects of dirt, dust and water.


The most recommended thing to avoid is constant contact of water with your shoes. Remember, leather shoes are not impermeable as plastic shoes or made of other materials. Regardless, there will be times when rain will surprise you and it will be inevitable that your shoes get wet.

The best thing in these cases is to dry them quickly. Please avoid using hair dryers, radiators, ovens or sunlight as it could change the shape and appearance of the leather. Introduce a wooden shoe tree and allow them to dry naturally. The wood will absorb humidity and this will evaporate, while maintaining the shape and structure of your shoes.


It is recommended not to use them more than two days in a row in order to maintain their original state and allow them to dry from the moisture. If your shoes start smelling badly, you can apply a special deodorant for any type of footwear.


- To remove dirt or dust, brush softly clean with a dry cloth. Afterwards, moisten the cloth a bit with warm water and brush clean again. Do not dry your shoes using sunlight or direct heat sources as the leather may dry out.
- Apply soap for the smooth leather. This product is special for cleaning, moistening and softening the leather of your shoes. You shall apply it uniformly over your shoes and wipe with a clean and dry cloth.
- You may also apply cleaner or softener for smooth leather. It will help you moisten and soften the leather of your shoes. Apply it with your hand or with a dry cloth and wipe until obtaining the desired brightness.
- If you feel that the appearance of your shoes has changed, you can apply liquid wax cream. There are a variety of tones and colors, pick the one more like your shoes and apply it uniformly.
- Use high-quality self-shining polish. It should also match the color and tone of your shoes and it will help you get natural brightness. You can also use a polishing sponge that matches the tone and color of your shoes to obtain brightness.
- If you feel your shoes are very tight, try applying leather expander. It will help you to permanently adjust the narrowness of your shoe.


- To remove dirt or dust, softly brush clean with a dry cloth and then apply a special cleaner for this type of leather. Do not dry your shoes using sunlight or direct heat sources as the leather may dry out.
- Apply castor oil to bring back the original greasiness of the leather. Apply it uniformly over the whole surface of your footwear and let it dry for eight hours.
- If you feel that the appearance of your footwear has weakened, you can apply oily leather restorer which will also help you protect your shoes from the sunlight, avoiding dryness or cracking.
- Protect them from dust, water and dirt using a weather protector.


- Use a soft and damp cloth with a drop of liquid soap to eliminate any tarnishing.
- Apply patent leather cleaner to bring back its brightness.


- To clean, use an eraser to remove any stain. Then, softly brush with a special brush for suede and nubuck products.
- You can brush and apply a layer of special cleaner for this type of leather, needs to be made for suede and nubucks.
- Always brush in the same direction. If you do it in different directions, the suede will look as if of different colors.
- If you feel that the color of your footwear has faded, spray color refresher uniformly on the affected areas. Regularly this type of products come with a special cap which allows you to brush and apply color on leather.
- Never use a brush on leathers with wording of not made for suede or nubuck products.
- Protect them from dust, water and dirt using a weather protector.


We bring you a wide range of products for the cleaning and maintenance of your shoes. You can find them on sale in our shoe stores. Our line includes:

- Deodorants
- Cleaners
- Nubuck and Suede cleaner with eraser brush
- Pumpkin soap
- Repellents
- Color refreshers
- Restorers
- Expanders
- Liquid creams
- Sponges