3 Tips on how NOT to get pinched this St. Patrick’s Day

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People once thought that wearing green outfits on St. Patrick’s Day would make them invisible to leprechauns. Those fairy creatures were known for pinching anyone who wasn’t wearing green. But since leprechauns don’t exist, people started to pretend to be those little critters and so the pinching tradition began for those not wearing St. Patrick’s Day clothing. Here are three tips to save you from that annoying pinch and possible bruising.

Tip #1: Turn your daytime outfit into an all-night affair

St. Patrick’s Day is not just a daytime thing! Everyone’s Irish on this day, so if you’re going out straight from work, wear a green St. Patrick’s Day outfit that can be easily spiced up for a night out. The most important thing is to make sure that your shoes are comfy but also stylish. We recommend you match up these Berry booties in black with a deep forest green dress, skirt or shirt. Make sure that your dress or skirt is length appropriate for the office environment. Don’t worry about your outfit being sexy enough for the night, since these fashionable booties come with a black clasp and a 3.5 inch heel, they’re the perfect sexy touch. They’re very comfy thanks to the rubber sole that reduces the impact in every step you take. Ideal for both office and a little dancing!

Tip #2: What to wear if green just isn’t your color

Green isn’t for everyone, so if there is nothing green in your closet, there are many other options to save you from getting pinched. From your local drugstore to the supermarket, there are plenty of little things that you can buy to keep you from looking like the anti St. Patrick’s Day person. Grab a necklace, a pin or even a removable  tattoo shaped as a shamrock and you’ll be ready to go. Now that you have your St. Patrick’s Day token, all you need is something cute to wear. This is a great occasion to wear your favorite jeans with a sexy white top. Yes it may sound casual, but when you add on these brandy color Granada leather heel booties, you’ll be turning heads as soon as you walk into the party. This sassy outfit will have you forgetting all about your plastic necklace or green tattoo!

Tip #3: Get creative on a low budget

If you don’t want to spend your hard earned cash on St. Patrick’s Day shirts that you’ll probably never wear again, it’s time to get creative. Painting your nails is a fantastic, more subtle and less expensive way to celebrate this day. From glittery green varnish to rainbow stickers and shamrock drawings, the design possibilities are endless. Another great idea is to switch your normal eye makeup for green eye shadow or green eyeliner. Add some gold shoes and you’ll be sparkling! If you need a little creative help, look for ideas on Pinterest or look for useful step-by-step tutorials on YouTube.

From turning your work outfit into something sexy to creating something unique and fun to celebrate the Irish, the most important thing to keep in mind is to have fun and of course not get pinched. Let us know what you did to avoid those pesky leprechauns!

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