Outfit Ideas That Look Amazing with Denim Shoes

Women’s denim shoes are the latest fashion trend. Here are some ideas to combine your Flexi shoes with outfits that match each of them.

For a Chic Look

If you are looking to wear a chic dress or a cool skirt, combine it with a pair of beautiful platforms. Meet DRU Blue Denim, the most comfortable wedges that allow you to look modern in any occasion. Accompany your outfit with a raffia bag, sunglasses, and don’t forget minimalist jewelry, which will give your ensemble the finishing touch.


For an Urban Style

If you want to show off an urban outfit, we recommend CAPRI. These are shoes that you can combine with a pair of colorful pair and contrast them with a basic white tee. You can also wear them with a pleated skirt and a plain muslin shirt. Stay comfortable all day with friends, family, or for a night on the town!



The Flexi catalog features all types of fashion shoes. You only have to explore it to find those styles which are best suited to your tastes and needs–you’ll surely find your pick in minutes!

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