3 Soft Shoes You Must Have in Your Wardrobe

soft shoes for women

If there is something that unites us all, it is the desire to wear soft and comfortable shoes. Nothing compares to the satisfaction of wearing a good shoe that allows you to be standing for long hours without discomfort. At Flexi, we always think of your feet and want to tell you all about the kinds of shoes in our catalog, and about how you can combine outfits with them–read on!

Perforated Sneakers

LORETA BLUE is a shoe with great softness, both inside and out, as they are made with Extra Soft Leather. You can combine them with shorts, leggings, or jeans of any color. They are very practical for any use and ultimately, very comfortable!

soft shoes perforated sneakers

Perforated Sneakers with Shoe Laces

Another beautiful style is LORETA ROSE a soft and comfortable shoe, ideal for long walks or hiking. They are perfect for women who embrace being sporty as a way of life. You can combine them with almost all your sports clothes, be it leggings, jogging pants, or shorts. In addition, because of their laces, the shoe will remain well adjusted to your foot, regardless of the movements you make.

soft shoes perforated sneakers with laces

Flexi Moccasins

On the topic of soft shoes, we cannot leave aside the MORA moccasins. They are Flexi flats, ideal for wearing on any occasion. Mora are made of extra soft leather and can be combined with all that you have in your closet; from miniskirts, to jacket and pants ensembles.

soft shoes flexi moccasins

As you can see,  Flexi shoes can adapt to any situation, from a casual outing to a more formal meeting, or even to go to work. The choice is yours!

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