3 ideas to style loafers this season


When it comes to men’s footwear, loafers are a necessity. It appears that loafers are here to stay in fashion for a very long time to come. They are capable of giving you an original, elegant, and fashionable look this autumn. Continue reading to know how you can look exotic this summer in your trendy loafers:

1. Leather Loafers with a Smart Look

Leather loafers are sturdier — therefore, they look the best with smart-casual attire. You can pull off a smart appearance this fall by pairing your loafers with a blazer and a shirt. Don a jeans and you will have your picture perfect look for the season— neither too casual nor too formal.


2. Loafers for Business Wear

The loafers are the perfect way to look stylish at your workplace. These are best for elegant and formal clothing so you may wear them with a blazer and well-ironed shirt to look absolutely classy for the next business meeting.


3. Checkered Shirts and Chinos

It appears that loafers and chinos are made for each other. But did you know that it is really a checkered shirt on top that completes the look? Try wearing grey loafers with a matching sweater on khaki chinos this fall, and see the difference.


4. V-neck Cardigans

The weather is swiftly getting cold and there isn’t a better way to look like a model this autumn than wearing loafers with a smart v-necked sweater. Colors that you may go for this fall to complement your loafers are charcoal, gray, navy blue over a black with a white striped long sleeved shirt.


The best thing about loafers is that these simplistic footwear have the ability to automatically transform any dress into your personal trademark. So, what are you waiting for? Go fill your wardrobe up with the versatile loafers this fall.

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