3 common types of leather you need to know


Leather symbolizes quality and durability. This is a prime reason why men opt for leather shoes when they go out for shoe shopping. There are multiple ways with which leather is incorporated into shoes; so much so that there are shoes that come with a leather sole – of course they’re going to be expensive – that are exceptionally durable.

All in all, to invest in a pair of good quality leather shoes, it is imperative to know the type of leather you are going for. Stated below are the 3 most significant types of shoe leather that you need to know about:

Suede Leather

Suede leather has a nap finish with a surface that’s smooth and velvety. It is a very common shoe material that can almost look like nubuck, depending on its quality. Suede is obtained by splitting the leather tangentially into an inner and outer layer, that is, the inner side of the leather. That layer is then roughened and grinded to create suede. Considering the processing and treatment involved in preparing suede, it’s softer than original leather. Suede is an unfinished form of leather which is less durable.


Patent Leather

Patent leather is a type of leather that is finished with chemicals to produce a shiny and glossy surface. This process was taken from Japanese lacquering methods back in the 1800s to produce slick exterior leather. However, today we mostly use plastics. It typically comes in black color and is recognized as the most formal type of shoe leather.


Nubuck Leather

Nubuck leather shares a lot of similarities with suede. However, Nubuck is better quality leather that is made from full grain that has not been split for processing. It can also be prepared from the exterior part of the hide that has been split.
Unfortunately, nubuck leather tends to blemish and stain easily as it has a soft, velvety texture just like Suede. Nonetheless, it is far more durable and sturdy as the outer surface is sanded to make it hard-wearing.


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