Shoes: the most important piece of clothing?


The single most important foundation of our everyday lives is our feet. Just like any other foundation, our feet demand adequate care and support to look and feel good. The building blocks of a multipurpose wardrobe are a nice, wide collection of shoes that cover all the important events of one’s life. It is true that shoes have moved on from being just a means to protect feet; today they imitate style, individuality, social class, and gender recognition.

Having an all-inclusive shoe wardrobe is as essential as having a wardrobe stuffed with clothing and other important accessories. For some people, it is the easiest to overlook the least prominent part of an outfit, shoes; however, it is imperative to understand that whatever we wear or put on is an integral part of the overall look.

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The true importance of shoes can be determined from the quotes that we’ve been hearing for long, such as:

“A Woman with Good Shoes Is Never Ugly” – Coco Chanel

“Give A Girl the Right Shoes, and She Can Conquer the World” – Marilyn Monroe

“You Can Always Tell A Man by the Pair of Shoes He Wear” – Jeanine Teega

Shoes are an indispensable piece of attire that assists you in creating an impactful impression on others. This is an important reason why you must opt for a good pair of shoes meticulously. They help you in conveying your persona in a unique way. Chic and attractive shoes express your taste and artistic sense, while untidy and mismatched shoes show your lack of a fashion sense.

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A good pair of shoes not only adds on your fashion appeal, they help you create the perfect look and satisfy your fervor for fashion accessories. They permit you to move around comfortably and securely, while protecting your feet from all kinds of harmful substances present in the exterior; thus they are integral essentials for you. If you want to avoid playing havoc with your social image and personal style, pick your shoes wisely!