How to wear floral patterns properly


Blossoms bloom in every corner once summertime comes around. Flowers are not only present in the gardens and the streets, but they make an entry into women’s apparel as well. Men also like wearing ties and shirts of floral prints in the summer.
Floral patterns look gorgeous when they go with their perfect match; solid colors. Here are a few tips to how your floral patterns can beautify your looks and complete your attire.

Pair With a Single Color

Floral prints look attractive when they are paired with a single solid color. It gives them a more prominent look without being too loud in appearance. You can wear a single colored short coat, scarf, or pants to go with your floral print top or vice versa.


Jeans with Floral Footwear

If you want to make a statement this summer, then pair your floral print shoes with jeans. Floral print shoes look delicate with jeans of either darker or lighter colors. Similarly, jeans with floral prints go well with plain white shoes and a shirt, with a floral short coat of your choice.


Use Monochromatic Patterns

It looks a lot more elegant when you wear a monochromatic floral print, rather than a multicolored one, on a sunny day. Darker colors like navy blue, metallic grey or black; reduce the brightness of floral prints, so that they can be worn in cooler weathers too. So, a monochromatic floral print with a white background is best worn in summers as well as in winters.



Bands, bracelets, and shoes with floral patterns can give a bloomy touch to your plain dress. Such accessories look cool in appearance and are in fashion these days. This style is best carried to late night parties and casual dinners.


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