3 Rules to Identify Quality Leather in Shoes


Are you shopping for leather shoes? Afraid to be duped into buying a fake instead of a genuine one? Leather is the expensive category, offering the best of comfort for your feet. The following are three rules to help you determine if the shoes are made from quality leather.

1. See

A genuine piece of leather would not be the sooth shoe as some people have been led to believe. It has the texture of skin. A shoe that does not, may not be original. The ‘imperfection’ is especially true of the kangaroo or the goat leathers.

Secondly, from the moment that you wear them, these shoes would adapt to and perfectly fit on your feet. This is one reason why there would be wrinkles on the upper part of the shoe later. On the contrary, you know you’ve got yourself the wrong deal if they do not appear.


2. Smell

Oh no, that’s not what you go “ewww” for. Trust your instinct (or should I say your nose?) to lead you to the strong smell characteristic of pure leather. Don’t buy one that smells like chemicals. It would either smell of factory polish or still be carrying its own scent.


3. Touch

A leather piece that’s genuine in nature will be very smooth to the touch. It’s warm, soft and supple to rather than stiff. What’s more, wrinkles do not remain long on it. Plus, there’ll be a lint or cloth on its back.

French calfskin is one of the most popular types of leather both because it’s easy to break in, feels like silk, and is durable. But leather is only good as long as it’s maintained properly. Therefore, make sure you polish shoes made from it every other week at least.


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